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Weather Information

Snow problem? No problem. We got this.

As you may have heard, the Truckee area has seen record amounts of the cold white stuff this winter – great for skiing, potentially problematic for cycling. Some of you have expressed concern about whether the weather will affect the Sagan Fondo Truckee Dirt Edition. We want you to know what we're going to be prepared to do.

No matter what happens, the show will go on. We’re an experienced cycling events producer and this is far from our first rodeo. We are presently sitting on three contingency plans:

  1. It warms up, and the snow melts sufficiently: Business as usual. Spring hits right in the nick of time and we stick to our originally scheduled programming. Easy! But we won't be able to know for sure until at least two weeks from the event.
  2. Snow melts but not entirely, leaving some of the course accessible: We alter the route and maintain lower elevations and slight abbreviation. We won't sacrifice the fun-factor of the ride.
  3. Snow does not melt sufficiently: Truckee is a short drive to lower elevations, and while the epicenter of the event will still take place in the town of Truckee, the race itself may be a short drive down to a lower elevation for which we'll provide convenience in the form of various transportation options for those who need it.